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Tsujita L.A. Artisan Noodles ANNEX Ready to Serve

Elizabeth Daniels 4/13

Hey now, check out Tsujita L.A. Artisan Noodles ANNEX, the soup-centric offshoot of big brother Tsujita L.A. Artisan Noodle just across Sawtelle. Feeling a slight sense of déjà vu? With a simple, clean design and ample blonde wood, ANNEX is centered around its ramen bar, with extra seating offered up front.

This is still a small operation, opening tomorrow to satiate the crowds that descended over the past year and a half to Tsujita for its lunchtime "life-changingly good" ramen. Now though, with the addition of ANNEX, ramen service extends through dinner, with, hopefully (though rather unlikely), less of a wait.
·Tsujita L.A. Artisan Noodle ANNEX Opens April 25 [~ELA~]
·Tsujita LA's ANNEX to Serve Ramen ALLLLLL Day! [~ELA~]
·Tsujita LA's Line-Drawing Ramen on Offer During Dinner [~ELA~]