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All About the Service, Oysters and Cocktails at Hollywood's littlefork

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Chef Jason Travi's (Fraiche) much anticipated littlefork had Hollywood buzzing well before it opened in January. Travi partnered with Dave Reiss (A-Frame, The Brig) to bring flavors of the Northeast to LA. Dino Balocchi (Longman & Eagle in Chicago) signed on early to put together the drink list.

While littlefork fits into the Reiss frame of restaurants (designed by Sean Knibb, with fun cocktails and a clever menu), it's odd to see Travi not cooking French/Italian food. And though this is beer and wine food, the cocktails clearly outshine the wine and beer list. Already, LA's critics have weighed in, as have the bloggers, 'hounds and Yelpers. Here's what they have to say. Agree? Disagree? Share it with us; the comments section is down below.

The Poutine News: "I liked the version at Littlefork in Hollywood. Nice curds, and they put the gravy on the bottom so it doesn't immediately get soggy." [Chowhound]

The Oyster News: "... the oysters are deliciously fresh tasting, served nice and cold to great effect. " [Chowhound]

The FANTASTIC Lobster Roll News: "I thought the lobster roll was a great size in comparison to some I've gotten at other places. The roll was FANTASTIC. It was perfectly toasted, crispy but soft, and SO buttery. There was PLENTY of lobster and though there was a bit more mayo than I prefer, the flavor of the lobster still came through perfectly. The house made salt and vinegar chips were a perfect compliment to cut through the richness." [Yelp]

The WiFi News: "I had a little issue with their WIFI while I was dining, and the manager was kind enough to come to me and address the issue, I think it's amazing that they have complimentary wifi at a restaurant to begin with. But employees there are kind and accommodating." [Yelp]

The Some People Don't Like Sweet & Salty Together News: "The Maple Eggs were tasty but...just...weird! Bits of scrambled eggs sitting on maple cream just kind of creeped me out. I ate two of them, mind you. So they weren't awful. Cute presentation, though!" [Yelp]

The Brisket News: "'Brisket with three mustards' didn't sound like something I would really order off a menu, but this applewood-smoked brisket was just amazing. Juicy, fatty, flavorful, this plate is the making of one of the best meat sandwich." [Gourmet Pigs]

The $1 Oysters News: "$1 Naked Cowboy oysters from 5-7pm, daily! (Plus 10-close on Fridays and Saturdays)." [Foursquare]

The Cocktail News: "Balocchi's drinks are both summery and serious, befitting the food but also worthy of a visit without appetite. He's brought a few Chicago tricks along with him, including Letherbee gin, which he uses to great effect in the Logan Square, a negroni variation that uses Benedictine in place of Campari, and has undertones of chocolate. You can even get a shot of the infamous Malört at littlefork's bar, an absinthe-like liquor beloved by Chicagoans and reviled by most everyone else because it tastes a little like bitter alcoholic earwax." [LAW]

The Word from J. Gold: "Littlefork is a typical Reiss restaurant, which is to say a really good drinking place with high-concept eats — in this case, 1950s New England seafood joint crossed with grungy Montreal bistro, a boozy small-plates restaurant with Travi in the Roy Choi role and almost inexpensive unless you let the cocktails and the crunchy oyster sliders add up." [LAW]

The Snow Crab News: "Perhaps the most puzzling thing may have been the Steamed Snow Crab, which really did taste good but the shells of which betrayed the fact that it had been frozen. At the same time, I have a hard time complaining about this since it's only $18 for basically an entire crab, save for the innards." [e*StarLA]

The Smoked News: "Smoke is a... theme, with applewood fumes flavoring everything from brisket (OK) to sturgeon (outstanding)." [LA Magazine]

The Amazing Service News: "This place was amazing. Before I even talk about my meal I would like to say the service was beyond impressive. Not only from our waiter but from everyone else as well. I've had good service before but this place is like the Nordstroms of restaurants. They were perfect in every way. I can't give them enough kudos. " [Yelp]

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1600 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028