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Spice Bistro, Mr. Baguette & More Now Serving

1) Hollywood: Two new restaurants are using the word "spice" in their name. The second, and newest, is Spice Hollywood Bistro. Located on Cahuenga near the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market, this Indian joint serves samosas, naan and curries as well as drinks from a full bar. Status: Opened two weeks ago.

2) Van Nuys: Earlier this year, Gorditas Durango Mexican Grill, which was used to be the food truck Tacos La Vaquita, opened a brick and mortar location inside an old bodega on Roscoe. Gorditas is now serving lunch and dinner daily, and with the possibility of catering (from the truck). Status: Soft opened in February.

3) Downtown: A new location of Rosemead's Mr. Baguette has opened downtown. This one serves the same menu of Vietnamese-style sandwiches and coffee as the other. Apparently, pho is also on the menu for the time being. Status: Opened last week.

Spice Hollywood Bistro

1644 N. Cahuenga Los Angeles, CA 90028