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David Bernahl, Rob Weakley Take Towne Food & Drink

Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

One final Los Angeles dining tidbit gleaned from this past weekend's Pebble Beach Food & Wine. Festival co-founders David Bernahl and Rob Weakley of Coastal Luxury Management — they're also the creators of LA Food & Wine and they operate restaurant 1833 and Cannery Row Brewing Company in Monterey — are those behind the Towne Food & Drink reboot. Not many details at the moment, but team Bernahl/Weakley will re-concept the space into, obviously, a new tba eatery.

As a reminder, Towne was the spacious contemporary American restaurant from Armen Shirvanian of Mi Piace which shuttered just eight months in.
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Towne Food & Drink

705 W 9th St Los Angeles, CA 90015