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Have a Look Inside the Soon to Open Pono Burger in SM

The intersection of Lincoln and Broadway in Santa Monica is buzzing with a new cluster of refueling options — Starbucks, Fresh Brothers, and Jersey Mike's Subs. Not the most exciting additions, but just up the block a new, more promising Hawaiian burger place is gearing up for its debut in a free-standing shack by a recently erected apartment building at 9th Street. Pono Burger, a Hawaiian burger concept, is pushing the local this and that ethos — meaning locally sourced beef (from the California foothills of Mt. Shasta), local beer/wine, and local/organic produce.

Burgers will be cooked over a wood-fired grill and buns are baked in house. Last month Grub Street said that Pono Burger was looking to debut around April 15, although management is just now hiring employees. While the restaurant's interior looks nearly ready, it's still likely a couple weeks away from serving.
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