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The Perfectly Poised Pedalers Fork Rides into Calabasas

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Elizabeth Daniels 4/13

Lo and behold, Pedalers Fork, a stunning California-style, seasonally inclined restaurant, coffee shop, and bike place (can you tell?) to call home April 22. Does it resemble those early renderings? Frankly, it far outshines them. So, let's talk about design. Pedalers Fork is a two-floor space with indoor and outdoor dining. There's reclaimed brick from the 1800s, ubiquitous custom metal work, and antique lights and fixtures. Much of the wood dispersed through the space is reclaimed: oak, Douglas fir, and maple. And those bikes? Vintage relics from the 1800s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Chef Dan Murray has been working on his lengthy, very lengthy California fusion menu (sample here) for some time. In its final vegetarian-friendly form one will find everything from kale chips and quinoa cakes, to wild boar sausage flatbread and miso-glazed black cod. Generally user-friendly, the assortment of dishes is ingredient-heavy. Here less isn't more. Or perhaps the menu is a little bit overly verbose. As for drinks, see here.
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