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Freddy Vargas Returns to Scarpetta; Raphael Lunetta Out at 41 Ocean

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1) Beverly Hills: Effective today, Freddy Vargas, who decamped from Scarpetta to take on the chef de cuisine role with SBE at Mercato di Vetro, is headed back home. Chef Alex Stratta, who oddly enough joined Scarpetta earlier this year, has taken "a personal leave of absence," and now Vargas is back in his new title as executive chef at Scarpetta under honcho Scott Conant. Meanwhile, back over at Mercato di Vetro, right now corporate executive chef Danny Elmaleh is overseeing the kitchen until a new hire is made. [EaterWire]

2) Santa Monica: 41 Ocean is dropping chefs like they're hot. Chris Crary served as executive chef of the members only beach club for a hot minute, and after he left JiRaffe chef/owner Raphael Lunetta stepped up. But, he wanted to make it known that he was only consulting. However, word in that Lunetta too has signed out and will be replaced by Jimmy Martinez from BOA. [ELA]


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