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See Petty Cash Taqueria's Menu, Supposedly Opening Fri

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Wondering what's to eat at Petty Cash Taqueria, the reworked Playa concept by restaurateur Bill Chait? Take a glance above. Pig Ear Nachos, Cheesy Churros, Pork Ceviche, and tacos stuffed with octopus, duck gizzards, and carne asada. An eater operative says Petty Cash opens to the public on Friday.

Daily Dish also files a few words on the Mexican eatery, stating that Walter Manzke, who is opening Republique with Chait, is in Petty Cash's kitchen, along with Guillermo Campos Moreno of Tacos Kokopelli in Baja. Indeed Julian Cox is manning the bar, and Street Gourmet blogger Bill Esparza helped out selecting tequilas, mezcals and sotols.
·Petty Cash Taqueria Replace Playa on Beverly Boulevard [~ELA~]

Petty Cash Taqueria

7360 Beverly Boulevard, , CA 90036 (323) 933-5300 Visit Website