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Where oh Where in West Hollywood is Planet Raw?

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Call it a case of the missing restaurant. Popular though pricey organic, raw, vegan eatery Planet Raw closed up its Broadway and 6th Street cafe in March, but owner Juliano Brotman promised the restaurant would relocate to Marina del Rey. With another location coming to Hollywood. According to a Facebook post earlier this month, Planet Raw has secured a space in West Hollywood at 8951 Santa Monica Blvd, home to Pavilions shopping center. Though today (supposedly opening day) when Eater drove over to investigate, no such eating establishment could be found.

And neighboring businesses stated that many others had been by looking for Planet Raw too with no luck. The only real viable business that Planet Raw could replace would be the long shuttered Fresh East, however the vacant cafe looks largely untouched. Where is Planet Raw? Tips welcome in the comments.
·The Lights are Off and Nobody is Home at Planet Raw [~ELA~]

Planet Raw

8951 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069