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The Foundry on Melrose Takes a Time Out for New Look

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Word just in that chef Eric Greenspan's six-year-old Melrose eatery, The Foundry, is shuttering on May 19 for a facelift. Flacks for the restaurant says that later in the summer The Foundry will reopen with a new "more refined" back patio "scene" and an overall "exciting new look." Also, a revamped bar program is in the works, to be developed by Ian Shepp (Key Club), Zach Patterson (Bagatelle), and Austin Melrose (Medusa Lounge, Bagatelle). Leading up to Sunday, Greenspan and partners Jay Perrin and Jim Hustead are serving some of the restaurant's most popular dishes from the past years.

In other news, Greenspan's next door grilled cheese concept aptly named Greenspan's Grilled Cheese, which has been a work in progress for three and a half years, is estimated to open in July.
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The Foundry On Melrose

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