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Donut Friend, a New Gourmet Donut Shop in HP

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A profusion of new businesses are hitting York Boulevard in Highland Park (Ba, Scoops, Sonny's Hideaway), and here now yet another: Donut Friend. Mark Trombino, a music producer for bands like Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World, has paused the music and is now out to serve micro brew coffee and a selection of unconventional donuts which patrons can customize to fit his/her fancy. Trombino commenced construction for Donut Friend in February and hopes to open in late June.

About those donuts. They're an exotic bunch stuffed and glazed with locally sourced ingredients and bear names like GG Almond (Gruyère and honey inside a bismark donut, topped with a sugar glaze and toasted almonds) and Jets to Basil (goat cheese, strawberry jam, basil, arugula inside a bismark donut, topped with a sugar glaze and balsamic reduction). A chocolate ice cream sandwich donut is filled with vanilla ice cream plus choice topping(s). There's also donut holes, donut bread pudding, sundaes, and smoothies. [EaterWire]

Donut Friend

5107 York Blvd‎ Los Angeles, CA 90042