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Coast's 4 a.m. Patio Party, The Pizza Studio Grows, More!

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SANTA MONICA— Hm. This could be considered either early in the morning or very late at night. On May 26 Coast restaurant at Shutters will hold a 4 a.m. patio viewing party of the Monaco Grand Prix. For $55 guests score unlimited Champagne Henriot, a continental breakfast spread, choice of brunch staples, and a Shutters baseball hat. For those not looking to booze, land the same minus Champagne for $44. [EaterWire]

AROUND TOWN— The Pizza Studio near USC, yet another fast casual custom pizza concept, is preparing for large-scale expansion. In addition to opening within FIGat7th in July and in West LA come August, TPS has also inked a deal to grow with 37 franchise units. [EaterWire]

PASADENA— Black summer truffles are back on the menu at Celestino Ristorante in Pasadena. There's a whole smorgasbord of truffle dishes in play from Tuna Carpaccio with Mushrooms and Truffles; to Ravioli Stuffed with Quail Eggs in Asparagus Sauce with Shaved Truffles; to Veal Scaloppini with Prosciutto, Sage, Provolone Cheese and Truffle. [EaterWire]

TV LAND—Flay vs. Voltaggio, it's on. Catch Iron Chef America on Food Network, June 30 at 10 p.m., when local talent Michael Voltaggio of ink. will cook against Bobby Flay. Who shall win? [EaterWire]


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