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Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Los Angeles Restaurants

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Much like he used to pen for The Weekly, today LA Times Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold publishes his essential dining guide to Los Angeles' 101 best restaurants from high to low, Santa Monica to The SGV. Gold revealed 23 of his favorite on Tuesday at Bite Nite, but here now the rest. Gold's top 20 read as follows:

1. Providence 2. Urasawa 3. Spago 4. Mozza, etc. 5. Kogi 6. Lucques 7. Animal 8. Cut 9. Jitlada 10. Shunji 11. Rivera 12. Spice Table 13. Ink 14. Baco Mercat 15. Tasting Kitchen 16. Sea Harbour 17. Night + Market 18. Bestia 19. Hinoki and the Bird 20. Melisse
·Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants [LAT]

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