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D'elish Sandwich Shop, a New Cafe Dtown

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Status: Opened May 20
Phone: 213-623-3663
Fred Eric, proprietor of Tiara Cafe in the Fashion District downtown, has opened an adjacent sandwich cafe operating under the moniker D'elish Sandwich Shop. In fact, D'elish's menu was a joint collaboration with chef Octavio Becerra (Palate Food & Wine) who most recently consulted on the opening menu at Circa in Manhattan Beach and who has yet another trick up his sleeve (more to come on that).

Sandwiches are divided by categories: Squaresville (with white or wheat bread), Rolls Royce (hot or cold on a roll), or Hotties (hot on a potato roll). This isn't exactly your typical American sandwich shop, rather lunch plates bear inspiration from near. There's an Italian sub, a falafel construction, a take on the banh mi, with pastrami and duck curry meatballs thrown in the mix (but not together). D'elish serves weekday lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Maybe the fashion girls will finally be incentivised to eat bread. [EaterWire]

D'elish Sandwich Shop

127 E 9th St Los Angeles, CA 90015