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Beijing Street Food From Peking Tavern Coming Soon

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Peking Tavern, the Beijing street food concept below the forthcoming Terroni flagship in the NCT Lofts at Spring and 8th, is moving full steam ahead to debut this summer, hopefully by July. A restaurant and bar project by Andrew Wong and Andrew Chiu (El Guapo), the duo is arranging a Chinese gastropub menu complete with scallion pancakes, beef rolls, and a variety of dumplings. In addition to a wide selection of local beer, the venue's craft cocktail program will be orchestrated by bartender Cari Hah (The Varnish, Neat, Cole's Red Car Bar), says Brigham Yen. One lesser known Chinese intoxicant Hah will incorporate into her libations is baijiu, a clear liquor usually distilled from the sorghum plant.
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Peking Tavern

806 South Spring Street Los Angeles, California 90014