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Sushi Sasabune Moved into its New Home on Wednesday

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After expanding to Beverly Hills earlier this year, Sushi Sasabune, one of the city's top omakase bars, has relocated down the block eight years since its debut on Wilshire near Centinela. Replacing Seed Bistro, also on Wilshire, Sasabune's new home is much smaller and more intimate, and makes better use of the rear sushi bar that originally belonged to BiMi sushi before Seed Bistro days. The space hasn't changed all that much and the general layout remains constant. Seed's furniture is reused, though the sushi bar counter is now white. New art and lighting fixtures, too. Expect the same traditional sushi as offered in the old location, though in this downsized space, with more meticulous preparation.
·Seed Bistro is the New Home for Sushi Sasabune [~ELA~]

Sushi Sasabune

11917 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA