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Girasol, a Few Weeks From Blooming in Studio City

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Studio City is soon to land a sleek and sexy new seasonally inclined, California farm-to-table place via Girasol. Chef CJ Jacobson, a Top Chef alum who most recently consulted on the menus over at The Mercantile and Rosewood Tavern, is heading up the kitchen here, and right now Girasol is still a few weeks out from its debut. Interior designer Gulla Jonsdottir, responsible for places like Red O, Hyde, Lure and Roxberry, imagined the above pictured renderings, which are beginning to take shape on Moorpark Street.

Matching Jacobson's fresh Cali menu, Jonsdottir designed Girasol with a mostly neutral color palette, incorporating in raw materials. Walls will be attired in burned wood and the restaurant's focal point, the above pictured swirl of sunflower vines, is illuminated by amber lights. So, basically you're dining in a giant flower bloom. That's the idea, anyway. More to come.
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Girasol Restaurant

11334 Moorpark Street, Studio City, CA 91602 818-924-2323