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Palihouse Santa Monica and Lobby Cafe Open Tomorrow

Photo: Dylan + Jeni

Have a looksee at Palihouse by the sea, or rather Palihouse Santa Monica, the extension of Avi Brosh's hip longterm stay hotel brand that is based in West Hollywood and operates a sister property on Melrose, Palihotel (home to The Hart & the Hunter).

Situated on a uniquely residential stretch of 3rd Street, midway between Wilshire and Montana, Palihouse Santa Monica claims the former Embassy Hotel Apartments that was built in the 1920s. In fact, in 2001 the building was deemed a historical landmark by the City of Santa Monica. The property was shockingly well maintained over the years by past owners, thus all ceiling and door moldings, stained glass windows and such are all original. But, spruced up with the signature Pali charm. Hey, there's even a bocce ball court out front. How Royal Tenenbaums of them. Anyway, let's talk food.

As mentioned, eats here are organized by Palihouse West Hollywood chef Jonathan Peters. In Santa Monica, he's serving the same breakfast and lunch menu as offered in WeHo, though available all day in the property's lobby (pictured above) and on a side patio. And while that is all that is planned for the moment, remember that Brosh took the same approach when Palihotel first opened. The hotel started off with a simple cafe (no alcohol, no dinner), until The Hart & the Hunter later on took control. So, it seems likely that progress as such could occur here on the westside as well.
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Palihouse Santa Monica

1001 3rd St Santa Monica, CA 90403