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Cedd Moses Working on Brewery, HoneyCut Speakeasy

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Cedd Moses, the soft spoken leader of thriving 213 Nightlife group (The Varnish, Broadway Bar, Las Perlas) has been rumored to be considering a brewery in Downtown Los Angeles for many many months now, in addition to copious other LA projects. LA Downtown News reports that Moses is angling to open a 17,000 square foot pizza place and on-site brewery with 27 skeeball lanes in place of Crazy Gideon's (Arts District) on Traction Avenue. Below this ground level brewpub, Moses is also looking to build an 89-seat cocktail bar with games like pool and ping-pong. Ideally, the plan is to launch in the fall of 2014, but Moses is running into neighborhood opposition from residents who fear noise and parking issues.

Meanwhile, over in South Park, Brigham Yen shares news of HoneyCut, a new speakeasy in development below the O Hotel. This is a 3,000 square foot project from David Kaplan/Alex Day of Proprietors LLC (the same team that revamped O Hotel's Kitchen & Bar in 2010) and Moses. Designers Anthony Eckelberry and Patry + Kline are working on a "rustic" aesthetic for the venue's two bars plus dance floor.
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