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Create Nightclub Replaces Vanguard in Hollywood May 11

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This morning SBE announced a partnership with Insomniac (producers of Electric Daisy Carnival) on the launch of a new nightlife facility named Create, which debuts May 11 in the old Vanguard space. Basically, how this collab will work is that SBE is going to run operations for Create and Insomniac is onboard to curate musical talent. And, just for the record, Vanguard just recently went under the knife for an aesthetic upgrade that resulted in a venue more fit for big DJ shows. Anyway, a release states that "Create will showcase some of the world's highest-profile dance music talent" and that the venue is also going to serve "as a laboratory for emerging artists to explore their sound." But the experience here isn't restricted to just music. Create is looking to engage talent in fashion, film, and design. Here's the list of artists so far slated to perform.
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6021 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028