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Valerie Confections Takes Delilah Bakery in Echo Park

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Not only is artisan sweets seller Valerie Confections setting up shop inside the revamped Grand Central Market downtown, but Daily Dish reports that owner Valerie Gordon has also snagged the former 950-square foot Delilah Bakery space in Echo Park that was for sale last fall. Other than $2 drip coffee and pastries, this here sweet and savory cafe will not share a menu will the Grand Central Market lunch counter, and rather will focus on dishes that pair with tea. Think baked goods and chocolates plus tea sandwiches like prosciutto with lemon butter and pickled asparagus, and black rice salad infused with sencha green tea.
·Valerie Confections' new Echo Park cafe takes cue from afternoon tea -- but 'less precious' [Daily Dish]

Valerie Confections

1665 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026