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This Venue in Koreatown will Pay You to Sit and Be Pretty

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Discrimination much? A Koreatown establishment, likely a nightclub of sorts, will pay you to be pretty. Points of note: 1) Depending on level of attractiveness and your personality, you can consistently make anywhere from $200 to $1,000 a night sitting and looking pretty for 4-8 hours. 2) This job is COMPLETELY SAFE. 3) It's sad, but true, this job is all based on looks and personality. 4) The more attractive you are the more money you make. 5) You DO have to drink while you're sitting and looking pretty. 6) If you get too drunk, no problem. Go home and come back to sit and look pretty tomorrow.

Those interested should contact Denise here. Repeat: This job is COMPLETELY SAFE.
·Get paid to be pretty. :) (Koreatown) [Craigslist]