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Ramen Jinya on Sawtelle Bites the Dust, Now Closed

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Lately Sawtelle has been flexing its ramen muscle with the onset of hotbeds like ANNEX and Tatsu Ramen. Has too much competition ousted one of the city's original J.Gold endorsed ramen slingers? As noted on The Facebook, Ramen Jinya, which first hit The Valley before trickling over to Sawtelle just shy of one year ago, has shuttered: "We have to announce that we, Jinya Ramen Bar Sawtelle is closed now. Thank you for your support. Please visit our other location Studio City, Costa Mesa, and Robata JINYA. WE are looking forward to seeing you." Anyway, in addition to those other Jinya locations, there are still many other great ways to get a ramen fix. [EaterWire]

Ramen Jinya

2208 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, California 90064