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New Fusion Eatery from Jed Sanford to Manhattan Beach

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Photo: Chef Tin Vuong

Proprietor Jed Sanford and chef Tin Vuong of Abigaile in Hermosa Beach and the newer WildCraft Sourdough Pizza in Culver City have yet another project on their hands slated to open late spring to early summer. Although a name had yet to be decided, right now they are calling their forthcoming 50-seat Manhattan Beach restaurant "little sister," and it's located in the former Hamptons restaurant space across from chef David LeFevre's culinary cradle of M.B. post and Fishing With Dynamite.

The name "little sister" refers to big sister Abigaile, and the new eatery will celebrate "food and culture that was borne out of the European colonization of Southeast Asia," says a restaurant rep. Expect a melting pot of spices and flavors from Southeast Asia, French technique, plus Dutch and British colonial influences. Of course, there too will be a nod to seasonality. As for booze, Vuong is curating a list of boutique wines from around the word plus craft beer, some of which will be specially brewery for this restaurant at Abigaile's brewery.

Anthony Agriam of BISHOP PASS, who designed Abigaile, is also behind the aesthetics here and he's going for a home away from home feel. Modeled after a Singapore shophouse, the design incorporates floor to ceiling windows, distressed plaster, and a mix of western and colonial-eastern furniture. [EaterWire]

Little Sister

247 Avenida Del Norte, , CA 90277 (424) 398-0237 Visit Website

Little Sister

1131 Manhattan Ave Manhattan Beach, CA 90266