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Jonathan Gold Reviews Trois Mec in Hollywood

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This week Jonathan Gold talks about chef Ludo Lefebvre's Trois Mec, arguably the city's hottest dining ticket due in part to the restaurant's 24 seats and advanced purchase meal system. As per usual not much critique. The Goldster has been known to be a Lefebvre fan for some time and here in Hollywood Lefebvre doesn't disappoint:

... a mainstream restaurant that feels like a closely held secret; a funky dining room with distinctly unfunky food and with what in a certain light could be considered almost reasonable prices: $75 for a multi-course tasting menu, which is about half what you'd pay for a comparable experience in Paris or New York.
A few people still poke their heads through the door every night looking for pizza, and in honor of the location, Lefebvre bakes squares of crackly pizza-scented flatbread. Perhaps you'll be served a bit of tempura in a puddle of vegetable broth or a few fresh peas tossed with fat salmon roe. You don't come to eat anything specific here. You come to eat Lefebvre's food.
Trois Mec serves an ever-changing inspired menu. Gold's one point of disapproval is "[t]he meaty part of the dinner ... [which] almost seems like an afterthought. [LAT]

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Trois Mec

716 North Highland Avenue, , CA 90038 (323) 484-8588 Visit Website

Trois Mec

716 N Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90038

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