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Tinga & Sycamore Kitchen Were Burglarized This Morning

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Shots from Tinga on La Brea.
Shots from Tinga on La Brea.

Heads up to Mid-City business owners, especially those on La Brea. Jerry Baker, proprietor of Tinga, drops Eater a note to say that last night/early this morning (3:12 a.m.) Tinga was burglarized, as was Karen and Quinn Hatfield's Sycamore Kitchen across the street. A furniture store was supposedly hit, too. A thief broke through Tinga's front door and office door (pictured above), but Baker believes the robber was scared off and thusly didn't steal anything. However, Baker thinks that items were stolen from Sycamore Kitchen, although he's not sure exactly what. Thanks to Tinga security tapes, Baker has a "pretty good shot" of the perp's face and hopes that police will make an arrest. No word from Sycamore Kitchen reps on the cafe's state of being. [EaterWire]

Update: Sycamore Kitchen is closed today.


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The Sycamore Kitchen

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