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Mayahuel NY Team Opening Ebanos Crossing Downtown

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Elizabeth Daniels 6/13

Mixologist Phil Ward (previously of Death & Co, NY) opened one of Manhattan's top tequila and mezcal bars in the East Village, Mayahuel, back in 2009. Now he, along with Mayahuel partner/GM Justin Shapiro, is coming to Los Angeles with Ebanos Crossing, underway in the once Pho Citi space on Hill and 2nd. Slated to launch this summer, Ebanos Crossing will focus on drinks made from tequila, mezcal, whiskey, and rum, in addition to small plates like rum-reduction chicken wings and mac and cheese cubes wrapped in chorizo. The lounge, divided into three rooms, is supposedly named after a border crossing in Texas and food is inspired by the regions through which smugglers traveled from Mexico to the US during Prohibition. [EaterWire]

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