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LA vs. NY

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Joe Satran, a HuffPo food writer based in Brooklyn, is more excited about the restaurants in Los Angeles than NY (and any other city in the country). But he's not talking about high-end fine dining, rather cheaper eats: "... LA offers Chinese and Japanese food as good as New York's, and Thai and Mexican food that put New York's to shame. The tacos I ate at Guisados in Boyle Heights and the curries I've eaten at Jitlada in Thaitown were, bite for bite, better than any 'ethnic' food I've had in New York ... LA is also home to far more serious restaurants that serve excellent meals in the crucial $30-to-$50 range ... Animal, Baco Mercat and Salt's Cure, to name three among many." [HP]

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-850-7258

Animal Restaurant

435 North Fairfax Avenue, , CA 90036 (323) 782-9225 Visit Website

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