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Chengdu Taste Debuts This Week; Dip's Grill Moving

Welcome to Meanwhile, In SGV a regular feature in which TC, our fearless leader in all things San Gabriel Valley, brings word of restaurant openings, closings, and other unsung, curious neighborhood goings on.


1) Alhambra: Chengdu Taste is set to open June 25. A typical SGV flip here involved nothing but a row of new acrylic signage on Golden Shanghai's old awning. An eager manageress advises that the kitchen team is from Chengdu, and the new menu will have plenty of fire. Golden Shanghai, much like Wok and Noodle, which it replaced, was a fine Shanghainese standard, but the Sichuanese wave continues and the Shanghainese genre keeps moving upscale in The SGV.


2) Alhambra: A Bruxie knock-off is coming to Alhambra. The Grids is optimistically set to soft open July 6, but interior construction is nowhere near completion. The menu in its current state features nine savory waffle sandwiches and four dessert waffles. No Asian-fusion wafflewiches have been planned by operator Jason Lin. 1468 E. Valley Blvd.

3) Alhambra: Dip's Grill is currently pulling a location switcheroo. Closed since mid-May, Dip's announced its new location to replace the shuttered Medium Rare Plus, which lasted only six months following a six-digit grant from the city of Alhambra. Coming to Dip's Grill's old location will be Zoe's Cafe, Ray Zhao's late-night Taiwanese restaurant. 39 W Main St.


4) Alhambra: The much-hated Face Cafe is no more. New Tasty, a Chiuchow-style restaurant, will replace it shortly. 301 E. Valley Blvd.

Chengdu Taste

828 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA

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