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Starry Kitchen Begins Residency at Grand Star Jazz Club

After roaming the LA wilderness for nearly a year in search of a new lunch dig, Starry Kitchen has finally found its own permanent kitchen. Despite earlier promises of continuing on at Cal Plaza, SK was unable to negotiate a new space to dish their glorious lunch plates, and headed immediately for dinner service at Fred Eric's Tiara Cafe. Even after receiving raves from Jonathan Gold for their dinnertime crab, owners Nguyen and Thi Tran continued to seek fun ways to serve Downtown lunchers. Starting mid-July, The Trans will no longer mingle with Angel Knoll itinerants while dishing out their popular Malaysian curry, hoisin burger, and of course, the beloved raunchy tofu balls. Starry Kitchen will move into Chinatown's boozy stalwart, Grand Star Jazz Club, thereby forming the Outrageously Grand Starry Jazzy Kitchen Club. The whole situation screams Kogi-Alibi Room.

Dinner will begin after an interior revamp by Patry+Kline is complete, lunch to shortly follow. A throwback tiki cocktail menu is also in the works, so those dreams of rum punched n??c mía (sugar cane juice) could be a reality. In the meantime, SK will still cater the lunch crowds during Grand Park Farmers Market on Tuesdays. No word as to what will happen to the now infamous thermos and the delivery van, but it seems a Scion collab would only be natural. More importantly, one finally gets to have a beer with the chili crab, or two martinis with the Starry banh mi. [EaterWire]

Starry Kitchen

943 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012 213 617 3474 Visit Website

Grand Star + SK JV

943 Sun Mun Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012