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Lou's Wine and Provisions + Sqirl; In-N-Out's Monkey-Style

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SILVER LAKE— After a series of pop-ups, Lou Amdur, owner of the now defunct Lou wine bar in Hollywood, has settled on a new space, formerly La Raza Market, to be conjoined with Sqirl cafe on N. Virgil Avenue. Lou's Wine and Provisions will be fashioned as a gourmet market and wine shop selling reasonably priced bottles, in addition to an expanded line of products from Sqirl. Construction is expected to begin next week, at which point Sqirl will shutdown. Both businesses should reopen by August 16. Next up for Amdur will be a full fledged wine store and potentially an enterprise making vermouth. [LAT]

AROUND TOWN— In-N-Out's secret menu is not much of a secret, but did you know the burger king vends a "monkey-style" burger? Yeah, that's a thing and it's a burger stuffed with animal-style fries (this pretty little specimen). See a video. [Foodbeast]

MANHATTAN BEACH— Don't mind the backlit sunset-colored bar or the DJ occupying a 2x3-foot plot of lounge real estate. Because there is actually a reason to hit newbie Chez Soi, or apparently Chez Soi a Modern Café. Former Picca and Sotto barman Shane Croughan, who trained under Julian Cox, is recently onboard as bar manager. His libation list uses seasonal fruit and those who stop by between 4 and 7 p.m. can try select happy hour drinks for just $4. [EaterWire]

Sqirl + Lou’s Wine and Provisions

720 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles