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Japanese-Cali Restaurant Maru Replacing Old Sasabune

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With Sushi Sasabune tucked into its quaint new Wilshire Boulevard retreat, Maru, a Japanese restaurant and sushi place that proudly usually local and seasonal produce, is taking Sasabune's leftovers. Per its website, Maru is a concept by chef Jason Park who opened the restaurant in Valencia 12 years ago. But, the original Maru has shuttered, and Park is relocating here in Los Angeles.

Think of Maru as a farm-to-table Japanese place appropriate for both the neophyte and experienced diner. There's jellyfish in vinegar, monk fish liver, and yellowtail collar, but also teriyaki chicken, udon and soba preps. An early menu is already posted to a window, and here's a look at what was served in Valencia.
·Sushi Sasabune Moved into its New Home on Wednesday [~ELA~]


12400 Wilshire Blvd #150 Los Angeles, CA 90025