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Geisha House Lasted Nearly a Decade in Hollywood

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If you measure success by the number of years a business is in operation, than Dolce Group's Geisha House in the heart of Hollywood counts as its most triumphant enterprise to date. After close to nine years, as of June 1, the modern Japanese restaurant with its roster of Americanized specialty rolls and fruity cocktails has shut its doors.

Geisha House was once the city's hottest nightlife restaurant, with a long list of celebrity patrons eager to partake in the scene of it all. But, as times have changed and Los Angeles has become more of a sophisticated dining city, tastes have shifted with the onset of talented new chefs and their chef-driven concepts. As for Geisha House's next phase, Kris Keith of spacecraft MIGHT head design.
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Geisha House

6633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028