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Studio City's Sportsmen's Lodge Getting a Full Revamp

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[Photos: Elizabeth Daniels]

Sportsmen's Lodge, the mid-century oasis in Studio City, is getting a complete overhaul over the summer with clean, modern remodel that's both colorful and reminiscent of its celebrity-fueled past. The 190 room hotel has already redone the pool area, taking out the rather tacky astroturf and replacing it with colorful bright lines and eventually modern pool furniture. The lobby opens up with an expansive, airy space that features soft gray stone and vertical light panels, with a cocktail bar up front. It'll be a swanky new place to hang out for locals.

The rooms, only one of which has been completed, has a minimalist, refreshed look with light gray walls for a more spacious feel. Meanwhile, the classic Patio Cafe, the simple diner on the property, will remain open, only to get a light makeover and will essentially remain the same. Management says the hotel's rooms will be completed by fall while the lobby should be finished some time during the summer. [Eaterwire]
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