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Settebello Now Firing in Marina del Rey

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Status: Opened July 9
Phone: 310-306-8204

Earlier this week Marina del Rey nabbed its very own branch of popular Neapolitan pizzeria Settebello, which already operates units in Pasadena, Utah and Vegas. Note the weathered wood attire, similar to the aesthetic at past locations.

What sets this pie parlor apart from other Neapolitan pizza chains is Settebello's Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) certification, a designation attributed to pizzas which meet Italian standards of quality based on technique and raw ingredients. Simply topped pizzas are fired in a 900° oven for about one minute.

New to Settebello in MdR is an expanded full bar with additional cocktails and spirits, plus a more comprehensive wine list.
Additional Coverage: ExpansionWire, 5/28


13455 Maxella Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA