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Jonathan Gold Discusses Barnyard in Venice

Jonathan Gold is enamored with chef Jesse Barber's simple, seasonal dishes at Barnyard, but ponders whether the restaurant qualifies to be a dining destination:

Barber's gift is in his talent for deceptive simplicity — you are fooled into thinking that this is food you could prepare yourself if you had the time ...
When Barnyard finally opened, the food world yawned. Barnyard could be a decent neighborhood restaurant, it was supposed, but it would never be a major destination. And to be fair, the question remains: Is Barnyard a major destination?
The Goldster recommends the "plainly delicious" Berkshire pork chop with grilled peach and polenta, and also the grilled half-chicken, which he describes as "impossibly juicy," and "one of the better chickens in town." [LAT]

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1715 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90291