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Melisse's Corned Beef Tongue Hash with Truffle Egg

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Elizabeth Daniels 7/13

Chef Josiah Citrin over at Melisse in Santa Monica is playing around with one of the most perfect platforms to elevate the essence of black truffle: eggs. For his Greasy Spoons Week special, Citrin is plating up a $35 Corned Beef Tongue Hash, Australian Black Truffles, Fried Egg, a rather fancypants spin on steak, eggs, and potatoes. When asked to participate in this column, Citrin was in Mammoth and his wife had ordered this dish for breakfast, hence his inspiration.

To start, Citrin sweats onions in butter, then adds thyme, diced and cooked fingerling potatoes, and corned beef tongue (brined for 10 days in a veggie-herb stock and then simmered for three hours in an aromatic broth). Next comes Australian truffles and parsley. The mixture is then shaped within a round mold.

Citrin fries an egg in clarified butter, cuts it with a round cookie cutter and adds it atop the hash. A sauce made from reduced roasted chicken jus and truffle is finished with butter, parsley and lemon juice around the hash. Finally, he shaves black truffle over the egg white, leaving the yolk exposed. A quick hit with sea salt, black pepper, and parsley, et voila.
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Melisse Restaurant

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