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Diner de Blanc Launching August in Los Angeles

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The self-named "worldwide Epicurean phenomenon" imported from France, Diner de Blanc, is finally coming to L.A., after making its debut in twelve other cities around the world. The 25 year old, invite-only event is hosted on a public site revealed at the last minute on August 21. There'll be plenty of chairs, picnic tables, dancing, live music, and more, but everyone brings their own basket of food to share. Think of it like a culinary flash mob where everyone dresses up in white.

A potential logistical nightmare in the making, organizers will be corralling invitees onto various buses at predetermined locations and then shuttled to the site, which will be released only minutes before it starts. It's hard to imagine that'll remain much of a secret in today's Twitter-instant news, but they'll sure try. There's a small fee to cover costs, and to receive an invitation, RSVP at the website here. [Eaterwire]

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