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What are LA's Most Underrated Restaurants?

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There are so many great places around town, both for locals and travelers, that trying to go through all of them is a dizzying task. As the national food scene keeps developing in smaller cities like Portland, Austin, and Charleston, the coverage for restaurants in L.A. gets bottled up to a few restaurants like Animal, Gjelina, ink, Bestia, and Baco Mercat. There's nothing wrong with that, as these places are certainly worthy of all the attention, though other times they could potentially be overrated.

But then there are places that don't necessarily make top tens, or get onto everyone's must-try lists? This is a chance to voice your opinion about the city's most underrated restaurants, either to the tipline or in the comments below for everyone to see, and next week Eater will compile the best picks into a map. And be sure to add delicious details as to why these restaurants are deserving of more praise.
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