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Valerie Confections' Bakery and Cafe Opening Next Week

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[Photos: Matthew Kang]

Just off its recent lunch counter launch inside Grand Central Market, Valerie Confections is nearly finished remaking the former charming bakery that was Delilah in the hills of Echo Park. Painting the building's exterior its patent brown hues, Valerie Gordon's bakery and cafe will tout a different menu from the one inside GCM, with more creativity and innovation compared to the old-school approach inside the Downtown emporium.

This quaint cafe still has beautiful walnut countertops and tables, with patio dining and outdoor seating looking out toward Echo Park. Though there will still be $2 coffee (not sure why there's an aversion to higher priced brew), this spot will have a bigger focus on the tea program, which should make for swell pairing with all the chocolates and baked goods on offer. Management is hoping to open sometime in the middle of next week, so stay tuned.
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