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REVEALED: Stumptown's Arts District Roastery & Cafe

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[Photos: Matthew Kang]

Celebrated Portland roaster Stumptown had been rumored to open in the Arts District for sometime. And now there's confirmation, revealed in photos here of this nifty white brick building on the corner of Sante Fe and 7th Place, just steps from Bestia and Bread Lounge. They've already posted job listings on their site, everything from lead roaster to baristas. The building itself is pretty expansive, overlooking most of Sante Fe with potentially large windows looking out.

Stumptown's new location already has a roaster in place based on a peek inside, though contractors are still building out most of the interior. It might still be months before the roastery and cafe are ready to open, but it's just one more reason for coffee fanatics in L.A. to get excited.

According to an interview with Tyler Stonebreaker on Sprudge, the Arts District is like the "Napa Valley" of coffee in L.A. thanks to plentiful space, ideal zoning conditions, old buildings with unique architecture and a supportive community. There's Handsome Coffee around the corner on Mateo, and the likes of Urth Cafe just a bit further, potentially making Arts District ground zero for all things caffeinated in the city. An opening for Stumptown sometime in late 2013 or early 2014 wouldn't be out of the question.
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