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Kimukatsu, Notable Japanese Tonkatsu Resto to Sawtelle

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Just one more reason to get excited about dining on Sawtelle. And no, this doesn't involve ramen. Into the vacant Blue Marlin space in that little strip mall with Tatsu Ramen comes Kimukatsu, a Japan-based tonkatsu (not to be confused with tonkotsu) eatery, which, according to its website, " is the most famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan." What makes this place unique is that the cutlets are made from 25 layers of pork slices breaded and deep fried. Sometimes the cutlets are additionally filled with cheese or garlic, served with sides of miso soup and Japanese pickles. To start there's a mix of small plates like agedashi tofu, daikon salad, and cheese fries (?), but you're really here for the pork, available in set menus under $22. Management operates 21 locations abroad, one in Honolulu, and Sawtelle is next. [EaterWire]


2121 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025