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Last Chance: Be Ready for Nobu Malibu on July 10


This is your last call, people! We've teamed up with Canon to bring you an event like no other, July 10, at Nobu Malibu. We're keeping chef Gergorio Stephenson's menu a secret, but just know: it will be one-of-a-kind and it will be magical. The menu is not the only surprise in store: you can also expect some super exciting special guests. You're going to want a real camera for this one.

The dinner is RSVP only. To get in on the action, email with your full name, phone number, and number of guests you'd like to attend with. If you're in, we'll get back to you with confirmation. In the meantime, you can find the right equipment to capture all of life's surprises with Canon's newest line of PowerShot cameras—a giant step up from your limited smartphone camera. Now equipped with wireless technology, there's one for every budget and pocket size—find yours here.

This summer, be ready for anything. >> Advertisement

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