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Long Beach Vegan Eatery Done, Epic Nobu Dinner, More!

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LONG BEACH—Following a Gofundme fundraiser, Jeffrey Terranova, owner of Long Beach Vegan Eatery, has announced his restaurant will shutter on August 1. Renovations required prior to opening put the cafe in a deep financial hole and Veggie Grill's foray into Long Beach last year didn't help biz. While Long Beach will lose a quarter of its vegetarian restaurant population with this shutter, Terranova has voiced optimism regarding the community and the veggie-centric movement. [LB Post] — MB

VEGAS— How much do you like Nobu? On October 9, 28 Nobu chefs from around the country are getting together to cook one giant omakase dinner at Nobu in Caesars Palace. Reps are calling the seven course dinner "the pinnacle of Nobu cuisine," with "one-of-a-kind dishes" from Nobu Malibu, San Diego, LA, Las Vegas, Vail, Aspen, Dallas, Miami, New York City and Waikiki. [EaterWire]

NYC— WHOA. Yesterday, Matthew Schonfeld of First We Feast made an Umami cronut burger. NO JOKE. He kicked his day off at 6:38 a.m. waiting in line for a cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery, then hit up Umami, which opened its first NYC location yesterday in Greenwich Village. Within the restaurant he orders the signature Umami burger, breaks out the cronut, and puts the two together for a heavenly or hellish (?) sandwich. It's a pretty good read. [First We Feast]

VENICE— Chef Aaron Ziegler says he has worked under Suzanne Tracht, Govind Armstrong, and Wolfgang Puck, but now wants to do his own thing via a pop-up. Ziegler is looking to fund his Bull & Dragon temporary dining engagement via Kickstarter, as seen here. But, to get it off the ground he's looking to raise $34k by September 7. [EaterWire]

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Umami Burger

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Long Beach Vegan Eatery

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