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Charlie Parker will Man Stove at The Shack Remake in SM

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Right now and for the next week, Charlier Parker, executive chef of Freddy Smalls in West LA, is in the kitchen at The Shack, serving a simple cheesesteak pop-up menu for one week only. Jeff Weinstein, who founded The Counter and also opened Freddy Smalls as a passion project a year and a half ago, bought The Shack and is planning to remake the dive into a new westside restaurant and bar. While he's still figuring out details, Weinstein says that the restaurant will have two full bars, one inside and a second on the eatery's back patio. Parker will helm the kitchen here in Santa Monica, and in a week when the current pop-up wraps, they'll start moving the new project forward. Which really means applying for permitting and such, and then breaking down walls to see what lies below the whitewashed surface.
·Pop-Ups [~ELA~]

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