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Gjelina Team Working on Two New Projects: Resto, Bakery

It's not news that the Gjelina crew — those behind the perpetually packed hyper seasonal joint on Abbot Kinney — are building out a new restaurant just down the block. In fact, they've had the space for years, and construction is finally kicking in with the hope to open before the end of this year. But, what's in store for AK isn't exactly what one would expect. Word on the street is that Gjelina chef Travis Lett will be serving ramen here, and based on his Gjelina/GTA ethos it's probably safe to say that there will be some type of farmers market slant. And that's not all.

Supposedly he's also opening a Venice bakery, which a source says is presently under construction on Sunset Avenue. However, not much appears to be in demo mode except for this industrial modern building just a couple blocks off Main Street between Rose and AK.

Lett has been looking to expand outside of Gjelina for a while. He spent considerable time working on a Hollywood project which fell through, but on to the next.
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