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Piero Selvaggio Takes Valentino Restaurant Off The Market

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Outside Valentino, Santa Monica.
Outside Valentino, Santa Monica.

Reps for Santa Monica's stalwart fine dining Italian restaurant Valentino send word that proprietor Piero Selvaggio is no longer selling the property. Rather, Selvaggio is working with chef Nico Chessa to modernize the eatery's traditional Italian menu with more market ingredients.

Selvaggio decided to test the real estate scene several months back when he listed Valentino for $4.9 million. At the time he explained that he wasn't necessarily dead-set on selling, rather he was curious to see if anyone would fork over the nearly $5 million asking price. If he could find a buyer, he would relocate Valentino to a smaller space, otherwise he would hang on to the Pico Boulevard restaurant. Which brings us to today and Valentino's forthcoming updated bill of fare.
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