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Crème Caramel LA, The Valley's New Dessert Shop

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Renderings by Gem Mateo Designs.

Don't tell Kristine de la Cruz that sugar is poison. Because her new Sherman Oaks dessert shop and market is based almost entirely on the sweet stuff. But, in fact, it actually sounds like a great idea. In 2010 Kristine began selling custards at local farmers markets, and from there she expanded into bread puddings and pies, using flavors like young coconut pandan, ube, and Thai tea. Next month she'll open Crème Caramel LA, a dessert boutique selling the aforementioned, but also a shop she describes as a "mini artisanal urban bodega" vending goods from other local mom and pop foodcrafters.

Think ice cream sandwiches from Mother Moo Creamery, Nuttin' Butter's almond butters, Hazel Dream's chocolate hazelnut spread, baked goods from Pete the Baker, Coldwater Canyon Provisions jams and pickles, and coffee by Cafecito Organico.

Basically, Crème Caramel LA will also function as an incubator to help new food businesses grow their brand.

And despite launching a brick and mortar, Crème Caramel LA will still sell at farmers markets around town. [EaterWire]