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Stockholm's il Caffé Coffee Bar Finds Home Downtown

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Outside il Caffé, Söder, Stockholm
Outside il Caffé, Söder, Stockholm

Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios is setting up shop downtown on South Broadway and, as is the recent trend (Toms, WILL Leather Goods, PRIA), the boutique will incorporate a coffee shop component. Swede Michael Backlinder is a partner in the coffee bar, il Caffé LA, and construction is set to begin in September. Backlinder's partner in the operation owns three il Caffés in Stockholm, so this isn't an entirely new concept. As one would expect from a hip clothing shop, il Caffé looks equally graffiti art chic. Also, down the line, Backlinder plans to apply for a beer and wine license. [EaterWire]

il Caffé LA

855 Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90003