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Lola's in West Hollywood Packs Up September 8

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It's finally official. Reps for Lola's, the West Hollywood restaurant credited with creating the apple martini, will sign off Fairfax on September 18 after 17 years. But this shutter was expected. The property has been up for grabs, first the was set to move in, but that deal never come to fruition and now Phil Howard and Dean McKillen behind knockout hit Laurel Hardware are set to revise the space. Here's the word from Lola's:

We're writing to report the gentle passing of a Los Angeles institution: Lola's will be closing her door after seventeen legendary years on September 8, 2013. Since her founding in July 1996, Lola's broke ground in front of her and made history behind her. A woman-owned business in a man's world, Lola's had one of LA's first extensive martini menus and is reputed to have originated the apple martini. Who knows what may come next from Lola's founder and proprietor Loren Dunsworth?as they say in the diplomatic corps, she's leaving all options open. She's grateful for the success and loyalty of Lola's fans over these last years as Lola's moved from upstart to institution. And as she's said, when one door closes, another opens.
·Laurel Hardware Team in Escrow to Take Lola's in WeHo [~ELA~]


945 N Fairfax Ave West Hollywood, CA 90046